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Baileys: Chocolate Launch

Launch Baileys' first permanent addition to the family in 50 years:
a chocolate liqueur made with real Belgian chocolate with the King of Chocolate, Chef Amaury Guichon. 

Creative Directors: Sarah Ratinetz & Sarah Anderson
Art Director & Copywriter: Jose Neves & Conor Patterson
Account Director: Eben Conopask
Senior Producer: Laura Peguero 

Director: Bao Truong
Production: Institute Pictures
Post Production: Echobend
3-D Spatial Design: Adolescent


2024 Shorty Awards / Gold / Instagram Partnership

2024 Shorty Awards / Audience Honor / Instagram Partnership

2024 Shorty Awards / Audience Honor / Launch Campaign
2024 New York Festivals / Finalist /
Best Use of Influencer
2024 The One Show / Shortlist 3x / Social Media & Interactive

The Making Of The Chocolate Bar

Best known for its classic and limited time offer flavors,
Baileys was ready grow brand affinity with the next gen
of Baileys lovers in the United States.


Our partnership with master chocolatier and social media

star, Chef Amaury Guichon began with a challenge: what if
we created an entirely edible bar where EVERYTHING

was made out of chocolate. 

Challenge accepted, with 22M (!!!) views on TikTok and
Reels in its first week

Launch Film

Once the bar was complete, we built a Baileys Chocolate world around it, celebrating Amaury’s creations in the launch film, adding a surprising chocolatey twist.

3-D Out of Home

To communicate how uniquely luscious new Baileys Chocolate
is we developed ultra-sensorial 3-D billboards in New York’s
Herald Square and Downtown Los Angeles.

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