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Introduce Inkbox as the
fashion accessory brand that

makes you feel like the main character of your story.

Head of Creative: Emma Eriksson
ACD: Sarah Ratinetz

Art Director: Jose D'Alta

Copywriter: Conor Patterson

Designer: Brent Bobo
Production Lead: Laura Peguero

Directors: Ben Smith & Lesly Lynch

Production Partner: The Mayda Creative Co.


Campaign US

Big Ink Energy // The Music Video

When you wear an Inkbox tattoo you enter
the room with a little extra groove in your step.
It's the confidence boost that makes you feel untouchable. You're the main character of
your story. It's all eyes on you.


We call this the *Big Ink Energy* effect.


Soundtracked by Remi Wolf, we created a
music video that's all about self expression

and the power of identity.

Out of Home

We plastered cities across the country with Big Ink Energy as well.


And created Big Ink Energy Collection 

shoppable murals, inspired by flash sheets.


✨ More to come from Inkbox this summer! 

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