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Serta Simmons Bedding: Simmons

Reinventing a 150-year old
mattress brand for Gen-Z.

ECD: Nicole Lucey

ACDs: Sarah Ratinetz & Tim Glebocki

AD & CW: Jessica Kesner & Arielle Schorr

Logo Design: Rosie O'Regan

Account Director: Hilary Bergman

Head of Production: Alanda Fellows

Photography: Tropico Photo

Animation: Kadeem Dick

2021 Effie Awards / Finalist / Marketing Disruptor


2020 TikTok Awards

Harvard Business Review


Brand Identity

Starting with a total rebrand.


Brand Campaign

A campaign that solidified Simmons as the
mattress brand that's about
more than just sleep.

TikTok Launch

And making Simmons the first ever brand to launch
on TikTok, with a hashtag challenge that has almost 

6 BILLION views.

Content Creation

Along with building and growing the brand's social media presence in-house. 

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