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Baileys Holiday

A new holiday classic from Baileys
with some help from the queen of
Christmas and an a capella legend.

Creative Directors: Sarah Ratinetz & Sarah Anderson
Account Leads: Eben Conopask & Peter Kamstedt
Senior Producer: Laura Peguero 
Director: Ezra Hurwitz
Production: m ss ng p eces & Bold Company
Post Production: Union Editorial
3D & Animation: Mayda Creative Co.

Global TVC

It's not the holidays without a Baileys treat in hand!

This year, under the Baileys? Baileys! platform, we partnered
with Ben Bram, the award-winning composer and founder of Pentatonix to create a holiday classic, conducted by the new
Queen of Christmas, Hannah Waddingham, and performed by
the Gold Vocal Collective.  

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